What Now?

After surviving a brain injury and completing acute brain injury rehabilitation, survivors and family members often find themselves asking: What comes next? What will the future hold?  At Cassell & Associates we offer an answer to those questions: a future where fulfillment and personal satisfaction are possible.

We offer a progressive alternative to prolonged rehabilitation or in-home care that is simultaneously less expensive and more impactful. Survivors choose their own path and have the support they need to learn new tasks, complete new jobs, produce valuable work, and rediscover joy.

Brain injury survivors will:

    • Come to work every morning, knowing others are counting on them.
    • Earn a competitive wage.
    • Become part of the tight-knit Cassell community, where emotional, physical, and cognitive support are incorporated into the work day.
    • Function as independently as possible while continuously learning new tasks, acquiring indispensable experience, and producing valuable work.
    • Feel empowered while succeeding in therapeutic goals and enhancing their quality of life.

Family members and caregivers will:

      • Find comfort in knowing their loved ones are in a safe, supportive environment.
      • Feel pride in the accomplishments achieved by their loved ones – often beyond what they thought possible.
      • Regain a sustainable pace to life, finding balance in caring for survivors and again having the time needed to maintain and enjoy other areas of life.

Brain injury survivors can thrive at Cassell & Associates thanks to Michigan’s Auto No-Fault Law.

More resources and help for brain injury survivors and family members can be found at the Brain Injury Association of Michigan.

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