Cristie’s Success Story

My car accident, caused by a drunk driver, was on January 1, 2002 and my prognosis was death.  I survived, but what occurred immediately after my accident was extremely hard and very tiring. I was at U of M Hospital for 3 months having intense daily therapies. I continued my rehabilitation at Eisenhower for another 7 months. Over the years, other than feeling extremely bored with therapies and doctor appointments, I started to feel lost… like I was just existing, with no goals.

Cristie success story-cropped

In 2006, my case manager told me about Cassell & Associates. Martha, the founder, came to my home to ease my hesitation about going to work at Cassell. After Martha somewhat convinced me, I went on a tour of the building. While taking the tour, I met another client working there, who quite honestly freaked me out a little bit with her excessive enthusiasm.  Who knew that almost 10 years later, she would become one of my best friends?  Everybody at Cassell, clients and staff, are extremely positive and have helped me achieve whatever goals I set for myself.  The projects I complete here give me opportunities to practice my fine-motor coordination, memory, speech, social skills, physical skills and writing.  They also help set up and accompany me to Impact speeches, where I educate people about not drinking and driving.

I have worked at Cassell for quite some time.  They continue to be a support system as my teenage son and I live in our own condominium with a 24-hour caregiver.  If it weren’t for Cassell, I would definitely not be as far along as I am today, because I’ve come a long way, baby!

Cristie’s Success Story, written in her own words, July 2013