We encourage each survivor to live a healthy, active lifestyle. We offer both group fitness classes and individualized fitness programs, providing each person with appropriate support and accommodations, while encouraging maximum independence. We work with each survivor's physical therapists, facilitating at-home physical therapy programs during the work day. Our fitness program is often the catalyst between a survivor completing their at-home program or not. Did we mention that survivors are paid their hourly wage while working out and reaping the benefits of physical activity?

Fitness activities have been shown to decrease depression, anxiety and stress. An increased heart rate increases blood and oxygen flow to the brain, improving brain function, as well as throughout the entire body. Completing an exercise program consistently can help with sleep, reduce pain, help with weight loss and promotes relaxation and increased energy levels.

Here are a few of the ever-expanding options we offer:

  • Personalized fitness routines
  • Walking programs for survivors who utilize wheelchairs (with medical clearance)
  • Latin Dance - both seated and standing
  • Yoga
  • Disc Golf
  • Weight lifting and resistance training
  • Basketball (in the summer months)

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