Martha Cassell's Story

Cassell & Associates opened its doors on September 15, 1989, as a response from founder, Martha Cassell, to the brain injury industry's need for a post-acute continuation of therapy. As both the daughter of a brain injury survivor, and as an Occupational Therapist, Martha quickly recognized the need for a cost effective alternative to traditional Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech and Language Pathology rehabilitative therapies. She envisioned a functional place for survivors of catastrophic injuries to practice their fine and gross motor skills, cognitive processing, socialization and more - a place where work was the therapeutic medium. 

Cassell & Associates' success is founded on Martha's strong belief that dignity and self-worth are the cornerstones of successful rehabilitation. Our therapeutic work program, with many work opportunities that offer individual choice, incorporates these beliefs into all aspects our daily functional activities routine. In 1994, Bruce Cassell joined the growing company and brought with him a vision for combining fitness opportunities with the workday. This vision, in conjunction with demand from case managers and physical therapists, resulted in the development of Cassell & Associates' expansive Fitness Program. Fast-forward to today: Driven by the success of the Novi location, and the ever-increasing need for post-acute therapeutic work services, a group of Cassell & Associates pioneers embarked upon the adventure of opening the Warren location. 

As the Cassell & Associates survivor base continues to grow, so do our work opportunities: From building bee boxes for our pollinating bee friends, to filling custom ceramics orders, the possibilities of what can be accomplished by the survivors of catastrophic accidents are limitless.

"It is my sincere hope that your involvement with Cassell & Associates is full of joy, no matter the triumphs or heartbreaks in the journey that brought you here. Cassell & Associates is a one-of-a-kind place. Brain injury survivors often surpass medical expectations and families are strengthened. For our survivors, a prideful sense of self bubbles to the surface while meaningful work is intertwined with rehabilitation and encouragement. It feels like family here and that’s because it is: under our roof survivors, family members, staff and business clients are equally important members of our community. Our support for and appreciation of each is unwavering. 

Please join us. Explore our space online and come meet us in person." 

- Martha Cassell

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